Where do you like most to spend your time, with – your client – or your records?

Managing your client records in electronic form creates a more efficient and flexible workflow, leaving more time for what matters most – the clients.

How can FOCUS help you manage your client records?

  1. Organizing your documents in a way that means most to you – with customized categories (aka chart tabs)
  2. Having one record that is accessible by anyone with permission from anywhere with internet (no more copying and transporting to all service sites)
  3. Knowing your records are safe, without requiring keys, locked cabinets, and secure space (no need to rent extra space and buy lockable cabinets).  FOCUS takes special care of your data – it is sent encrypted and stored encrypted on secure servers controlled and manged by us.
  4. Communicate paperless from FOCUS – document directly into the system, send documents and reports by fax or secure email directly from the system and receive documents directly into the system.
  5. Keep your workflow electronic – document approval, electronic “sticky notes” for the “front of the chart”, notifications to staff, secure email to staff to keep secure the Protected Health Information of your client.

Call us today for a demonstration of how FOCUS-CSS can not only help you manage your client records, but how you can invest in a brighter future!  859-963-2677 or Info@focus-css.com

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