How does an electronic record compare to paper records?

The most common reaction is “electronic records cost too much”!  But does it really?

There is a cost to paper records, there is a cost to electronic records.  The result is about access and efficiency – it might be trading the cost of inefficiency for the cost of efficiency.   It might mean not needing office space, storage space, or staff just to manage and transport papers!

Things to consider:

Do you want more time with your participants or do you just love your charts?

    • How many times do you touch a paper document?3700 pages
    • How long does it take you to get it to the right person – to the right place – to the right chart?
    • How many people have to see the paper document?
    • Do you copy the document?
    • Do you transport the document to service sites?
    • Do you have staff who copy and mail out documents?
    • How much paper do you buy?
    • How much toner do you buy?

FOCUS is paperless – the document is in one location and all locations at the same time. Focus on what matters most.

How often do you add/replace your chart binders and dividers?

Where do you store your charts? – cabinets, rooms, off-site archival

    • Could you rent less space if you didn’t have charts and archives?

we driveDo you maintain charts/documents at multiple locations?

    • Do you have copies of the record in more than one physical site?
    • Who keeps these copies up to date?

Update FOCUS once for access by all. Accessing ONE Chart from ANY location.

What do you prepare for your biller?  

    • Does your biller have the provider information, note, with service code, units, date and time of service all in one place?

FOCUS provides billing information with notes in one report

2 weeks 2 minHow much time do you spend getting ready for an audit?

    • How do you know if a document is out of date in a paper chart?
    • How do you know if a chart is missing a required document?

FOCUS provides easy access to electronic documentation – organized by effective/expiration date

What would it cost to maintain an electronic record by yourself?

    • 1-2 servers to store your program and data: $4,000 – $6,000 each and replaced every 5 years
    • IT Support to maintain, monitor and repair: $300 per server per month
    • A firewall to protect your servers and data: $500 – $1,000
    • IT Support to maintain $1,000 annually
    • An Electronic Record Application: $$$$
    • Support Agreement – 20% of the purchase price
    • Security/HIPAA consulting: $100/month
    • Potential software updates outside the maintenance agreement
    • Climate Controlled (cool, ventilated) and Secure location.

Having someone else deal with the detail: Priceless, but actually, within reach…

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