Service Level Agreement

99.9% industry standard – what does that mean?

This refers to the amount of “up-time” that is guaranteed – usually meaning server up-time.  So, non-maintenance/unexpected downtime is 0.1% or less.

Google and Microsoft guarantee 99.9%.  FOCUS guarantees 99.9%.  We strive for 100%, and I am sure all IT companies do too.

24-7So how much downtime does that translate to in a year?

99.9% = 8.76 hours

99.95% = 4.38 hours

99.99% = 52.56 minutes

99.999% = 5.26 minutes

For example, in 2015, FOCUS experienced a total of 3.5 hours of interrupted FOCUS access at various points throughout the year. The servers were not down, but we had application errors.  That translates to about 99.96% up-time.

For 2016, so far, it’s 15 minutes.  We continually work to address processes that can slow the system or make it unavailable and eliminate or reduce the occurrence.

Maintenance is required by all software programs and therefore not counted in the 99.9%.  Our updates have taken 10-15 minutes.  We notify our customers when scheduled downtime for maintenance will occur.   This happens after 8 pm  and before 7 am, EST and is excluded from the up-time guarantee.

Unlike a paper record that is stuck at the office, mobile electronic records are available where every you are.  They don’t get coffee stains on them, get lost or need to be copied.

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