Does using a cloud based application for your records scare you?

The benefits of software, cloud and managed services are too large to ignore and that is why they are growing so fast.  Data and analytics in the cloud is growing quickly in the healthcare industry with more than 63% of hospitals using the cloud.

Reasons include

  1. Speed to Implementation
  2. Better Information Visibility
  3. Improved Data Security
  4. Worldwide Access to Applications
  5. Centralizing Data (across multiple sites)
  6. No more “one-stop shop” to meet needs

It is understandable how hiring someone else, maybe even out of state, to take care of your data creates some nervousness.  It is a long-term partnership and you must get to know your service provider.

So the best advice is to learn more about the company offering the services.

  1. How many people own the company?
  2. Are the owners involved?
  3. Are they financially stable?
  4. Do they do more than cloud service or one product?
  5. Are they experts in their field?
  6. Can you trust them?

FOCUS is a cloud based application.  The parent company is Integrity IT.  Integrity is not just a cloud provider, it is an IT company with diverse skills, expertise, services and customers.  The company is in good financial standing, has 6 active partners, 35 employees and provides IT services to about 500 customers (150 utilizing managed services).  Integrity experiences 95+% retention in both customer and employees.  Integrity IT is registered with the Better Business Bureau and Commerce Lexington.

With FOCUS, you are relying on a company owned by several people where each one is serious about their commitment to the company.  The best way to make your decision might be getting to know our partners and employees – we welcome visitors!

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