FOCUS is a Software as a Service Application – in the cloud.  Accessed via the internet and hosted/maintained/secured by  Integrity IT.

I interviewed Integrity IT’s partners about pros and cons of going to the cloud.  Here’s what they said when asked “Should we go to the cloud?”.

We get this question all the time and the answer is yes & no.  There are many cloud options that make sense.  Most of our customers have a mix of both cloud and on premise IT services which is what is referred to in the industry as a Hybrid Cloud approach. We take the same approach with all our customers – evaluate each specific situation to determine if it makes sense to consider a cloud solution and if it pasts the test of “would I do this if it were my business”.

Cloud solutions are generally the best fit in the following scenarios

Small or very large number of users.

Largely remote work force with need for real time collaboration

Geographic (multi-region) data redundancy

Geographic (multi-region) compute redundancy

SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) Application (depending on up-time/availability requirements) – FOCUS is a SaaS with up-time guarantee of 99.9%

Security Filtering solutions

E-Mail Hosting (40 or fewer users)

Companies that provide services that require drastically varying computer workload demands

Need to scale up / down very quickly to respond to market demands

But isn’t the cloud supposed to cost less?

Not necessarily.  Depending on the situation and your overall IT needs. A big factor in this is the situations listed above and your risk tolerance – what is the cost of downtime and disaster recovery.  Total loss of a building where the infrastructure is would be catastrophic to a business, but the probability is low.  Large companies often know exactly what being down costs them, and it might be in the millions, so they benefit greatly from cloud services.

FOCUS data is backed up more than once daily and to more than one physical location, so downtime would be minimal in times of disaster.  Servers are monitored 24/7/365(6) and the worry of data integrity, backups and recovery are on us, not you.

What is not controlled by FOCUS|Integrity is your internet access and perhaps your devices.  With the ability for remote workforce (case managers, clinicians, therapists, supervisors), most likely not everyone is affected.  There are backups to have in place, like pay-as-you-go cellular hotspots and battery backups for routers and modems.

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