orange question markThe first thing to think about when considering a transition from paper to electronic processes is Why?

Why you are doing it?

Here’s the start of a list – what would you add?

  1. Greater access to records – more easily searched
  2. Multiple people accessing the record at the same time
  3. Maintain only 1 copy of records for all locations and personnel – reduced dulplication of content
  4. Increase efficiency
  5. Grow your business – use staff to provide services instead of tending the chart
  6. Reduce or eliminate storage space
  7. Improve communication and ease of communication
  8. More easily share information and documents
  9. More quickly and easily receive documentation for more timely billing
  10. Improve documentation
  11. Reduce time auditing charts
  12. Quick and easy reports – easily aggregated data

Paper documentation is very limiting.  You have to be in the same location to view it.  Handwriting is often illegible.  Paper documentation is not formatted to query or analyze without transferring it to another format.  It is easily lost, destroyed, and damaged.

Most every industry is benefiting from electronic data and documentation, why not you?

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