KY Medicaid Waiver Management Application: Little impact on Focus users

The FocusTeam has been researching the impact of the Kentucky Medicaid Waiver Management Application (MWMA) on Focus users by meeting with Officials in the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and by tapping into organizations like the Kentucky Association of Private Providers (KAPP) to gather more information. What we have learned is that the MWMA is not designed to replace any Providers EMR solution, like Focus-CSS. Also, the Providers required to utilize the MWMA will only be Case Managers by Dec. 2015 and only for tracking Participant Authorizations and uploading Case Plans. Future MWMA development may allow Case Managers to view documents from HealthCare Providers who have an interface to KHIE. MWMA is not built around services provided except Case Management, and its purpose is to ensure Medicaid participants are getting the correct services and authorizations. The Focus team will remain engaged with regard to updates and information on MWMA as it is rolled out starting in April 2015 and will continue to communicate what we learn.

Focus continues to be the best, most secure electronic record for managing Medicaid Waiver Participants for all Providers of Medicaid Waiver Services. Your Focus team will continue to be here to support, enhance and grow Focus.

EHR Game Changers

Our very own Shannon McCracken was featured in the January 2014 HealthData Management magazine’s EHR Game Changers issue.

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Integrity IT receives Innovation Award

The award was presented by the Lexington Chamber of Commerce (Commerce Lexington) to a company that has demonstrated ability in adopting and utilizing technology to directly increase productivity, efficiency, revenue and/or profits.