At-a-Glance Quality Assurance

  • Chart Audits based on Funding Source/Waiver Requirements
  • Quickly see what is missing, expired or expiring in 30-60-90 days for easy to maintain compliance
  • Send agency or case manager specific reports of needed documentation by secure email


  • Customizable electronically authenticated forms, like Progress Notes for Clinicians/Therapist, Daily Note/Contact Notes, Monthly Summary Notes
  • Save notes to review or complete later
  • Billing Entry/Reports – separate or tied to notes
  • Creation of formatted PDF of documentation for easy sharing
  • Key Medicaid Waiver Case Management documentation, like Life Story, Participant Summary, Crisis Issues and Level of Supervision
  • Census list related to services (in active development)
  • Client check in/out related to services (in active development)
  • Custom documentation approval/edit workflow (in active development)

Collaborative Workflow

  • All users have access to the same up to date information
  • Fax/Email messages, documents and reports securely from within the application
  • Receive faxed/emailed documents directly into the application
  • Add “sticky notes” to the front of a person’s record to alert all users
  • Send notifications to users within the application
  • Set documents for supervisory approval by document or user

Easy to Use and Person Centered

  • Clean, uncluttered design
  • Important Client Data “front and center”
  • Access your records through My Case Load
  • Supervisory functions
  • Assigning clients to their funding source drives background requirements, document valid days and billing
  • Create custom forms for documentation
  • Automatic billing reports based on documentation
  • Chart “tabs” and content custom built to your needs and organization

HIPAA Compliant and Secure

  • Individualized access, user presence and auditing, secure electronic signature, encrypted upload and download, encrypted storage, secure email


  • Your data is hosted 100% locally by Integrity IT in a secured and backed up “cloud”
  • Access your custom FOCUS from anywhere with internet and a device to access via Chrome browser
  • Maintain one record for all users