When we receive questions from users, we will post the question and answers here.

Something is not working as expected…

First thing to ask – are you using Chrome browser?

  • FOCUS is built to work best with Chrome.  Why?  Because Chrome works across multiple platforms – PC, IOS, Android, etc.  Other browsers are built for a particular operating system – like Safari and Internet Explorer.  We want to be flexible to work on multiple devices.
  • If strange things happen, especially intermittently, we first look to the browser.

How do I set up a new user?

  • You need to call (859-963-2677) or email FOCUSHelp@integrityky.com
  • Here is an online form you can use for convenience.

Are there any training resources for a new user?

I do not have the ability to search for participants

  • You must be given permission by management to view participants outside your direct assignment (Admin > User Management).
  • When given this permission, a user can search ALL individuals entered as participant records, except Inactive.
  • The user must be given permission by management to view INACTIVE

A participant is not showing on our Chart Audit

  • The participant must have an assigned Funding Source (ex. SCL, MPW) – (Profile > Demographics > Funding Source)

A particular document is not showing on the Chart Audit

  • The document must be assigned as required by a waiver (Funding Source) – in Agency Profile > Wavier Document Assignment
  • The participant must be assigned the same waiver (Profile > Demographics > Funding Source)

How do I assign a Case Manager to the Profile?

  • Case Managers need to be built in Contacts (by Manager/Site Admin)
  • Add their contact under Profile > Assignment

View Document Before Approval AllowedI cannot approve a document

  • The Approval button is not active
    • Only Directors and Supervisors can approve – check your role.
  • When I click on the Approval button, I cannot check the box to approve it.
    • You must view the document before approving

I need a new category under Documents

  • Making changes to the document categories/document types can be easy – OR it can really mess up things!  You can loose the ability to see documents that were once tied to a document category if it’s changed.
  • Keep things running smoothly and just email your request in to FOCUSHelp@integrityKY.com, we are here to help!