Take It Anywhere

Mobile Solution that requires nothing more than an internet connection and computer/tablet.
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Easy to Use

Chart auditing and reporting capabilities that make it easy to maintain continued compliance.
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Save Time

Powerful at-a-glance chart auditing turns weeks of work into seconds.
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What people are saying about Focus CSS

"If anything I feel that I have more confidence since using Focus. I am in control of my records and can have confidence that my work is present and complete. I know that if I have any questions about something I have the ability to have quick access to a document. Since Focus I have spent more time with the people that I support and have been able to deliver more quality Case Management supports."
"The Integrity team took time to understand our work flow and processes. The personalized EHR system they developed has increased our efficiency, reduced administrative costs, and allows our clinicians to have access to their clients files from any location. I am very impressed with their system and support! Highly recommended!"
"The more we use FOCUS, the more we see how it can help us!"
"You all always do awesome when we have any issues! Best decision we ever made!"
What takes me 2 weeks with paper charts, took less than 2 minutes with FOCUS Chart Audit!"
"Our reviewers were very impressed by FOCUS and its capabilities. They had a very easy time maneuvering through the system for "first timers" and the best part is it allowed them to exit QUICKLY."